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Zombie  Survival Kit

Zombie Survival Kit

All the items you need to survive for 3 days in the event of a Zombie outbreak or other survival situation. Guaranteed to last for 5 years and has water, food, lighting, matches, tools warmth and a first aid kit.
Ok, so the situation doesn't need to be a TEOTWAWKI situation - that's pronounced "tee-oh-tee-wah-kee" and no, it's not a Native American Indian word for "holy shit, it's the apocalypse". No, TEOTWAWKI stands for "The End Of The World As We Know It" and contrary to popular belief, most survivalists are not planning for this end of the world type of moment.
It could be a simple TSHTF or "the shit hit the fan" scenario. A simple powr outage that lasts a long time, you could run out of gas, get stuck in a remote location, or y'know the standard zombie outbreak happens.
Whatever the case, it's really nice to have the peace of mind that this zombie survival kit offers. This survival kit contains the following:
(Qty. 1) 3600 Calorie Energy Bar 
(3600 calorie Energy Bar--Provides 3 days worth of food. Energy bar is scored into nine-400 calorie portions. Storage life of 5-7 years.)
(Qty. 6) Water pouches 4.227fl. oz. each pouch. 
(Purified Drinking Water - 6 long lasting, triple layered retort pouches that hold 4.227 fl oz of water. Stores for a min of 5 years.) 
(Qty. 3) 12-Hour light sticks
(Qty. 1) Box of waterproof matches 
(Qty. 1) Mylar Emergency Blanket 
(MYLAR Emergency Blanket - Waterproof, reflective surface for high visibility. Space age design retains up to 90% of body heat for cooling in hot climates. Compact, yet opens to 84" x 52". )
Basic First Aid Kit
(Qty. 7) Adhesive Bandages
(Qty. 2) Gauze Pads
(Qty. 2) Alcohol Prep Pads
(Qty. 2) Wet Naps
(Qty. 1) Triple Antibiotic Ointment 
(Qty. 1) Emergency hammer
(Qty. 1) Survival Bracelet with Built-in Emergency Whistle
(1) Emergency Hammer - Shatters glass and has a built-in seat belt cutting tool, (1) Survival bracelet with Built-In Emergency whistle - made of nylon cord that can be unwound to 10 feet in survival situations.)
There you go. Tons of stuff so that you don't have to go around collecting all the various parts to make your own zombie survival kit. And trust us - it's a lot of work to do! This is really a nice, handy kit that you can throw in your car and feel much better about things. For the peace of mind it offers, it's truly invaluable.
Now, it's no homemade survival bugout bag. It's the bare minumum of stuff that you'll need and it's only designed to let you survive for 3 days. Beyond that you're SOL. (We somehow really like acronyms in this post! - or WSRLAITP) But that said, they do the work for you and it's a nice little survival kit.

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