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Zombie Shooting Guide

Zombie Shooting Guide

A useful manual about how to take out zombie after the zombie apocalypse. Even if the apocalypse doesn't happen, you'll learn valuable tips in the realm of combat marksmanship, self-defense and DIY Force on Force drills.

You'll learn how to shoot accurately while moving, something that you need to do while avoiding packs of roving zombies. (And keep that aerobic exercise up.)

You'll learn how to make headshots better, as we know that's the only shot that counts on zombies.

This book also lays out the best weapons to select and carry with you, which ones will last the long haul, the ones that will have the most ammo available, the lightest ones, etc.

You'll also learn more shooting tips, and be able to shoot more accurately overall. The tips included in this book can actually have you outperforming law enforcement at a 1:3 hit ratio!

Finally, you'll also learn how to handle the stress of a zombie attack. Having to live in essentially combat environment 24/7 can stress a body to the max - this book tells you how to lessen that stress and perform better.

This book is the real deal despite the fun Zombie title, and it's a way to learn real world, valuable survival tips while framing it in a fun way.