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Zombie Plush Slippers

Zombie Plush Slippers

With these slippers you can quite literally be the walking dead! (Insert groans for a horrible joke here.) But seriously, these things are ultra cute. What is cutter than some fuzzy, plush slippers representing dismembered, bloody heads that crave human flesh? 
Stick your metatarsals (along with the rest of your feet) into these zombie slippers to be constantly reminded of your mortality - and just how lucky you are to not crave brains all the time! These one-size-fits-most slippers fit, well, most people. 
The zombie heads will not consume any part of your long as you treat them right and take them out to a nice dinner once a week. Of course, restaurants that serve the sort of food that zombies require can be pretty hard to find and rather expensive.
Zombies remain popular in our culture for some strange reason. Perhaps it's because it explores a side of our humanity that is just a shade away from reality; that our society is just a fragile shell and once thigns break down, within mere hours we can become raving, animalistic creatures that would kill just for a meal. 
Or, y'know, we just like to be scared.
Whatever the case, people will love your new plush zombie slippers. These are expertly-crafted and should last quite a long time. They're great for a chuckle and will keep your tootsies warm at the same time. 

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