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Zombie Head Decanter

Zombie Head Decanter

Using a glass Zombie Head decanter will tell this world, and the next, that your  classiness knows no boundaries of life or death. Your friends will finally have  to bow to your creepiness, while your significant other may just plain bow out.

Looking a bit like the love child of Macaulay Culkin (ala Home Alone) and The Crypt Keeper (see also: present age Macaulay), this ZOMBIE HEAD DECANTER is sure to be a hit with all the guys and ghouls. Halloween is the season you might most miss having this glass globe of awesomeness, but trust us when we say if you want to have the coolest home hangout year-round- you need this delightful deadhead adorning your basement bar NOW.

Old Macauley.

Holding over a full litre of your favorite liquor, this cork-stopped skeletal servant not only looks bad-ass, it packs enough punch to zombify both you and all your light-weight friends. Once you have your very own, you’ll love the way it looks filled with different colors and thicknesses of your favorite liquor or wines. Goldschläger creates a creepy, undead snow globe when shaken, while red wine with a tea light candle behind it led to an impromptu séance and a backyard hookup with lasting repercussions (Results Not Guaranteed).

From the windows, to the wall, all will like the skull. Imagine the much-needed levity this brain drain will bring to a wake or funeral. Revel in the awe you will inspire when meeting your in-laws for the first time with this Jolly Roger securely in your tattooed hand. Bask in the vision of the courage you’ll exude when, in complete violation of open-container ordinances, you break out this beast at a second job interview.

This highly unique piece is a great present to express your endorsement of another’s marriage or promotion. Dress up a Halloween bonfire, send a malatov with that personal flair, or put a handful of dried beans in it and rattle out to some Grateful Dead (brownies sold separately).

Get ahead of other collectors, cement your status as a Necromancer, and attract Goths like moths to your flame with your Zombie Head Decanter today! 


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