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The Zombie hand ice mold!

The Zombie hand ice mold!

A large, 3D ice cube mold in the shape of the zombie hand .... pure awesomeness!

It's a silicone tray that lets you make just one zombie hand ice cube, but that's not a bad thing. It's a large ice cube so you might only need one.

Of course you can keep re-using it, so you can make several to have at the ready in the event a party breaks out at your place.

It's designed to stand upright in your freezer so the water stays in it and it freezes properly. 

It's a tad bit pricey to us at $12 for just one mold, however it is SO COOL! It's something that should last a long time and is is a WOW piece, something that'll have people talking, so we think it's worth it.


Categories: Adult, Drinking, Humor, Zombie