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Your Stick Family Was Delicious Decal

Your Stick Family Was Delicious Decal

The car decal that eats other car decals. Counter those other cutesy car stickers that tell you exactly how many people are in that car's family and how many are girls, etc. Oy that's frustrating.

We don't care who you are or how many people are in your family or that you won the glamour pageant in 1996. NOBODY CARES! So if you're pissed off about those annoying decals and want to get back at people, this is the perfect sticker. A T-Rex eating their stick figure family for under $5 bucks? Priceless. Well, ok, it does have a price - it's $4.99. But ... that's a figure of speech. Oy crikey...


Categories: Car, Geeky, Humor