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Yonger Vent Human Face Anti-Stress Ball

Yonger Vent Human Face Anti-Stress Ball

Ok, these things are weird. You get 4 different stress balls with different odd faces on them. You can squeeze and stretch them into different contortions.

They definitely seem of Japanese design. Just read the product description:

1. Hold Firmly Hold the Hand, So You Unconsciously Forget the Passage of Time.
2. The four expression are Yuck, Relief, Pout, and Joy. You can choose depend on your mood.

One thing to keep in mind with these little buggers is that some people are reporting that they stink. Apparently it just depends which batch you get - and maybe they've worked the stank out in subsequent shippings. The reviews are mixed and your milage may vary.

Awesomely remove stress of yourself. 


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