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Yodeling Pickle!

Yodeling Pickle!

You've got to ask yourself one question: "Why do I not own a yodeling pickle?" It's the gift for the person who has everything BUT a yodeling pickle! And why waste countless hours training your pickle to yodel when you can buy one that's already trained! Do not attempt to eat yodeling pickle.

There is no headphone jack and it cannot store very many MP3s. Oh, alright, so it can't store ANY MP3s, but so what - it YODELS! And it's a PICKLE! You can't beat that combination.
Do not buy any other yodeling pickle. There are many knockoffs, but this is the one, the original and the very best pickle for all your pickle yodeling needs. Don't waste another day being a non-yodeling pickle person. 
Why yodeling pickle? Why not! Chicks dig it. Put it in your pants. Use it to conduct an orchestra. Use it as a wand to duel other wizards with. It can be a baton in a marching band or parade. Be a pied piper and rid Australia of emus. Also great for taking on trips to the Caribbean and entertaining the locals. 
Yodeling pickle will never leave you. It will never call you names or bad mouth your mother. It will be a constant companion in this harsh world of ever changing chaos and sometimes negativity. 
Yodeling pickle will make you happy.

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