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XploreAir Paravelo Flying Bicycle

XploreAir Paravelo Flying Bicycle

This Kickstarter project promises to help build the world's first flying bike! Ride it on the ground or in the air! It can go 15mph on land and 25mph in the air and reach a height of 4000 feet!
The term Paravelo comes from "para wing" - and this is a cross between a parawing and a bicycle. Their goal is to transform the way we live and travel. The concept is that you could fly your bike to work or a friend's house and the flying bike can then fold down for semi-easy storage. 
The bike has a trailer which holds the parawing and a biofuel engine that powers the fan. You don't pedal it in the air, which is what we thought when we first saw it, which kind of feels like a let down but then again imagine trying to pedal your ass off in the air! What if you got tired and couldn't keep up!? 
Also comes with a optional tent to camp in. Fly anywhere and you've got a portable home with you! Then ditch the trailer to head to town for supplies. 
Of course, this isn't going to be cheap, at least to start. Most of the Kickstarter backer levels are to buy things that support the project. The highest level (£5,0000) gets you a limited edition version of the bike - sadly, a non-flying version. We can't wait to see this thing actually in production!

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