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X-Rated Shots Book

X-Rated Shots Book

More than 50 shots we dare you to say out loud! It's a pocket-sized book that you can take with you to a bar or party to get drink ideas.

It's a great gift idea, perhaps along with shot glasses! Better stock up your bar or liquor cabinet because after reading this, you'll be super geeked up to try out some of the drink ideas!

It's a great way to get the party started. Great ideas for drinks and some ideas for sugary and fruity (read: diluted) shots rather than straight up whiskey, vodka or tequila.

In all honesty, the shot ideas in this book aren't really X-Rated. They're more PG-13 and mildly saucy rather than sheer outrageous. Many of them you may have heard of, but it does have some good unique ones. It has recipes on one page with an illustration on the other, so you'll have a good idea of what you're getting into and how to make it.

It's a great little stocking stuffer for someone who loves to party.

Also check out the "Big-Bad Ass Book of Cocktails" and "Big Bad-Ass Book of Shots" from the same manufacturer for more drink ideas!


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