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World's Largest Coffee Mug

World's Largest Coffee Mug

Holy hell, this super huge coffee mug holds up to 20 CUPS OF COFFEE! Of course, it's all just really 1 big cup in this bad boy.

You won't just be bouncing off the wall if you fill this mug to the brim and then polish it off - you'll be flying through space and time, my friends! Nothing will be impossible and you'll want to achieve it all in the quickest amount of time you can. Until you crash in an hour or two and feel so tired and depressed that you need..... another cup of coffeeeeee!!!!

This mug is huge at 6.5" (15.9 cm) tall, 10" (25.4 cm). It's made of high quality porcelain. It's white and it holds coffee. Just the facts in this paragraph, ma'am.

While we don't advise drinking 20 cups of coffee in one sitting, or even in one afternoon, this mug can be a lot of fun. Did you know that you can actually overdose on caffiene? Yup, it's true - although you'd have to drink a TON of coffee to get there. It's close to physically impossible just by drinking coffee, but it has happened with htings like energy drinks. Also, if you can get caffiene pills and/or straight caffiene in powder form, you could easily overdose. Just goes to show, a drug is a drug and we need to be careful with such things.

On a lighter note, this mug is great for other uses as well not just drinking coffee out of it. One couple bought 3 of then and used the mugs as their wedding guest books! They have permanent signatures in marker on these cool mugs. (We're not sure but have heard that if you write in magic marker on porcelain and then bake it, the marker gets permanently stained into it - maybe that's what this couple did.)

In all, it's probably more for show and as a gag gift than actually useful for drinking coffee out of. Unless you want to feel like a tiny person. If you happen to be tripping on LSD or something it'd also be cool to add to the effects :-p

Just don't blame us when you drink from it and can't get to sleep for 48 hours.


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