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Wooden Baby Tooth Box

Wooden Baby Tooth Box

Ok, first thought: gross. Super gross.  Who wants a memento of tiny little baby teeth?

But on second thought, this is really rather cool. A permanent reminder of your kids baby teeth. In your later years, it's something you might very well appreciate. 

Better yet, it's something that your child might really appreciate once they're older.

I know that once I reached my thirties I became much more appreciative of all those things from my childhood. If my parents had saved my baby teeth, I could show my own kids my teeth! Pretty special.

And they could identify me if I was ever abducted and left for dead in the woods. Ok, maybe you can't do that with baby teeth. :p 

But seriously, this is kind of a neat idea. The trick is to actually be able to make sure that you get them all. Sometimes they get lost or even eaten in some cases. Poor kids have to poop them out. That's a nice thought to leave you with, sorry about that... 

But hey, it's $5 shipped and it's something that could last a lifetime! Why not? 


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