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"What Do You Meme?" Board Game

"What Do You Meme?" Board Game

A new adult party card game for those who like memes and/or fun. What Do You Meme is easy to pick up but hard to put down, har har!

But seriously, this is one fun game. If you know and like Cards Against Humanity, it is very similar. Everybody gets answer cards (meme cards) and plays one card each round.

The difference is that there's no question card. Instead, everyone gets to see a photo to play off of. The photo card can be a standard, well known meme pic, a stock photo or something custom created by the makers of the game. 

Here are some of the example answers:

"When your butthole's super itchy and you fart hard enough to scratch it" 

"When ur parents say u spend too much time on ur phone"

As you can see if you pair these up with some meme pics it could be fun.

This is a game that is NOT intended for children. Some people on Amazon gave it bad reviews because the cards were crass and offensive. Well, yeah, no shit, it's MEANT to be - it's an adult game for, you know, ADULTS. :p 

You get 300 cards total: 255 caption cards and 45 photo cards.


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