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USB Mix Tape Flash Drive

USB Mix Tape Flash Drive

Bring back the ability to make a mix tape for someone! This playlist can be 900 minutes long!

It's a 1GB USB flash drive inside of bigger cassete tape-like storage. You can write the playlist on it or whatever note you want to.

It's not quite as involved as the old school method. Any of us "lucky(?)" enough to remember was required might both look back fondly and laugh at it.

We had to have a dual tape unit or similar where you'd have to press play on one tape and record on the other. Timing was critical, as was planning out which songs and what order they went it. 

It was an art form, and the completed project was a gift of love. The mix tape was a whole package, a "this is the way you should feel", or "I want you to discover these songs and in this order". Basically, here's some stuff I love that makes me feel great, here you go! A sort of "I'm giving you these feelings." 

Mix tapes were great, and making them was a lavor of love. Stuff is much easier now, but analog had a certain feel to it. The time required to make them actually made the music more valuable in a way.

This mix tape memory stick harkens back to those times. For better or worse, we don't have to make mix tapes. But we can still customize a playlist and set of feelings and ideas for people. :)


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