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Universal Password Vault

Universal Password Vault

This password vault is a device that will securely store all your passwords, usernames, pin nunbers, etc. All you need is one PIN number to access everything!

Ugh, freakin passwords, am I right? The requirement get worse and worse, "add a capital letter, a number, some punctuation, the name of your first pet, the abbreviation for the state you were born in, your Grandmother's maiden name with the letters as numbers of the alphabet added together and divided by Pi. What in the hell.

And we have different passwords for different stuff. Many places make you change the password every 30-90 days and also require the password to be one you've never used before. Who has the time or patience to remember all this crap?

You could hide this or even lock it up in a safe. At least this way you'd have a record of all your passwords.


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