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Undercover Book Safe

Undercover Book Safe

Hide your stuff in plain site with a book that is also a safe!

Comes with a book jacket entitled "Undercover Book Safe" but the actual book will vary. This is a real book and will not look fake at all. No one will be able to spot this book on your bookshelf.

Of course, we wouldn't trust extremely valuable items in this, we'd prefer to lock those up securely, but for medium and smaller priced items, this would work just fine. After all, most of theft is not allowing burglars to find your stuff, right? Who's going to take the time to look through books?

Unless the burglars visit The Coolest Stuff ever and read through our posts. Dammit.

Now, you *could* save yourself the $10.99 needed to purchase this book safe and do it yourself. A DIY book safe isn't that hard; you basically need to cut out the pages and then glue the book together. But as with most things in life, do you really want to spend your precious time, or do you want to take the shortcut using money instead? Time is money, friend. (And if you're not that crafty, like us, your book safe might end up turning out like crap.)


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