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Underchair Cat Hammock

Underchair Cat Hammock

A cat hammock that fits under virtually any chair - reclaim wasted space underneath your chair and eliminate clutter!

As we know, cats love unique places to hang out and sleep. Boxes, table tops, your face, whatever. This gives them a nice place off the ground but safe and protected that most cats will love!

For us, we love it because it keeps our 3 cats off of our furniture. Hair isn't easy to clean up so having these hammocks around the house gives them someplace else to leave their hair than our couch and recliner.

Works great for most cats, but if you have a HUGE cat you might need to reinforce the hammock (say over 20 pounds).  But most cats will be just fine.

The strap design is nice and doesn't slip but you need to have enough space under a chair. The cat hammock is really nice for apartments/homes with limited space.


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