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Unbreakable Foldable Travel Wine Bag

Unbreakable Foldable Travel Wine Bag

A travel wine bag that holds a bottle of your favorite wine! Don't worry about breaking your wine bottle, plus take this in places you couldn't carry a bottle.

It holds a liquid without leaking and can conform to different shapes. Toss it in a bag or backpack and use it for tailgating, a picnic, a restaurant that doesn't have a liquor license or anywhere.

It stands up straight when filled and lasts a long time. Just pour in the bottle of wine and you can be drinking wine (almost) anywhere!

One note is that the bag has the image of a bottle of wine on it. It's a bit conspicuous, although not nearly as noticeable as if you were pouring from a real wine bottle. 

This is really handy as a flask and you could even hide it in a large coat pocket. Perfect for the movies! If you do use this at the movies, you may want to think about bringing a couple of collapsible cups! :)


Categories: Adult, Drinking, Outdoor