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The Ultimate Grillmaster BBQ Apron

The Ultimate Grillmaster BBQ Apron

An epic must-have for the aspiring Grillmaster. This BBQ apron allow you to be the master ninja of the barbecue. Can hold 6 cans or bottles to re-arm you and your sidekicks, a built-in can opener and more pockets than you could ask for!

Barbecue season is almost upon us although you wouldn't guess that in the north just yet. It's been one of the longest, most grueling winters ever seen by the staff at The Coolest Stuff ever. We want to be snowbirds and head to Florida for next winter - or maybe for good!

That way we can barbecue outside ALL YEAR LONG. We'd use this apron too. It's the swiss knife of BBQ aprons. It has six, count'em SIX beer slots, both for yourself and to arm some of your buddies when they need ammo. There's pouches for condiments, all your BBQ utensils and even a water bottle to tame the flame when it gets unruly. 

Best of all.... it's CAMO! Dudes love camo. And you ight be able to grill undetected in your backyard. That's always good as you don't want the neighbors showing up and glomming all your precious meat and beer. This is YOUR BBQ!

Speaking of BBQ, what's up with the shortened acronym, "BBQ"? We get that it's short for "barbecue" but where did it come from, how did it develop? There aren't three words in barbecue so that's weird. It's really just saying the main phonetic parts of the word, as if you're saying "barbecue" but your mouth is wired shut.... buhbuhcue... or BBQ.  Huh.

In any case, we're getting one of these and are gonna make the most of spring and summer and grill the hell out of whatever meats we can find!


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