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Twister Bed Sheets / Picnic Blanket

Twister Bed Sheets / Picnic Blanket

All sorts of fun can be had with these sheets! O.o Just peel back the sheets and ... game on!

These Twister bed sheets will let you have even more fun than when you played Twister as a kid. Just grab a partner (or a few...) and limber up. Hey, there's no innuendo here, this is strictly about playing the game as it's intended to be played. But on a bed. Yeah, that's it. ;-) 
Hey, when you're a kid a game like Twister is good fun. But as adults we need something a little bit more exciting. So you can play Twister.... in bed. Yay!

But it can also be played normally, the way yu're meant to play Twister. You know... with clothes on. Either way, it's a good time. :) 

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