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Trump Toilet Paper

Trump Toilet Paper

Love Trump or hate him, he's definitely someone that polarizes people. If you're on the butt end of that polarization, you might want to check this out...

It's toilet paper that will feel like you're wiping away the stains of the Trump administration. Well, it might not actualyl do anything, but it'll make you feel better over the short term.

An excellent gag gift for either Democrat or Republican, perfect for an office gag or white elephant gift.

In addition to the toilet paper you'll also get a downloadable Donald Trump joke ebook and a "Dump Trump" bumper sticker as a bonus!

Note though that this toilet paper (like Trump) is a bit rough. It'll leave your hiney a bit chafed. It causes pain and it's hard to flush away. But it's all good, you can rub his face in it.

Do your patriotic duty (doody) and feel good about it.

(Note that Hillary toilet paper is also available...)


Categories: Humor, WTF