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Trojan Dash Button

Trojan Dash Button

A Dash Button for what else but Trojan condoms... never run out again! This is some important stuff to remember, and a great little gag gift that's actually useful :) 

That's right, make sure you never run out of condoms ever again. If you're never seen a Dash Button by Amazon, they're really cool. They're these cool buttons that tie into ordering products.  You set up which product you want on, stick the button somewhere handy, and then when you're close to out of the product, press the button. Amazon will ship it out to you in the next 2 days (If you're an Amazon Prime member). Pretty damn spiffy!

If you think this is dumb, here's an example... Get a Dash Button for Tide laundry detergent. Stick it on your washing machine. You notice that you're about out of detergnet so all you do is press the button. You might have enough soap for a couple more loads, and by the time you're out, Amazon has delivered the new laundry soap. 

And it's only going to get better and better with things like drone delivery! Far out man.

But for now, we like the Trojan Dash Button idea because it's certainly something you never want to run out of!


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