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Travel Wine Protector Bag

Travel Wine Protector Bag

The Vinni wine bag inflates around your precious bottle of wine to protect it from shocks. It's great for travelling and protects from *almost* any impact!

All it takes is just a few breaths and a few seconds to blow it up. Then fold up the bottom flap to make a secure seal and it's ready to roll! 

There are several air chambers that combine to give good protection - it's not just 1 big air bag. It's even made to withstand changes in temperature and altitude, so no worries about it popping or losing air.

It's also great for other small and fragile items in transit, like precious glassware, camera lenses, tech stuff, etc.

It is even TSA approved, so you can take it through major airlines! And it's made in the USA, so that's cool too.

Many have said that it is reusable and long lasting, although others have stated that after one trip through an airport it was unusable. Your milage may vary and it probably depends on a few factors, like how you pack it and how much it gets thrown around by airport staff. Overall this seems like a decent expense if you're carting around expensive wine!


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