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Tidy Cup Laundry Soap Cup Caddy

Tidy Cup Laundry Soap Cup Caddy

This thing is awesome... use it to attach to the bottom of your laundry detergent and it make is SUPER easy to dispense! It'll even catch the drips in the bottom of it. Very handy.

You can dispense laundry soap with one hand! You don't even realize how much of a hassle it is to open up the laundry detergent jug, and a lot of them can be really heavy. Especially for elderly people or those who have had some sort of injury.

One person's mom had a stroke and couldn't use her one arm. This cup caddy enabled her to be able to do the laundry herself - how cool, right!? 

Plus, the dripping from liquid detergent can be a big mess. This caddy might seem like a little bit of a splurge (just shy of $9 on Amazon), but it is truly useful and handy and will last probably your lifetime.

It's made of solid plastic and we don't see a way that it'll break. The Tidy Cup soap caddy it a really cool little product that'll make your life better in a very small way... but for a long time to come! 

And it's all about those little things, right? :)


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