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Tetris Sandwich Crust Cutter

Tetris Sandwich Crust Cutter

A sandwich cutter that makes Tetris shapes! We encourage you to play with your food, unlike your parents did when you were a kid.

For lovers of Tetris, this'll be sure to brighten your day, or any kids day who likes the classic videogame. Make up a bunch of sandwiches and play the game for real, eating the lines at the bottom and make them "disappear"!

The only gripe we have, and it's a little one, is that not all of the Tetris pieces are included. We get it, there's only so much space and plastic to make this one piece sandwich cutter, but not having the single straight Tetris piece or the "squiggly" piece that goes the other way would've been a nice touch.

All in all, this is sweet, and something that us adult kids will enjoy having in our household for the forseeable future!


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