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TEO: Key-Less Bluetooth Padlock

TEO: Key-Less Bluetooth Padlock

A smart padlock you can unlock with your Android or iPhone! Forget about physical keys - we have too damn many of them already, just unlock it via Bluetooth!

The TEO key-less padlock uses low-energy bluetooth (BTLE - Bluetooth Low Energy) sent from your smartphone to unlock it. This padlock features one-click locking and unlocking.

You can send permission to this lock to different people. You can set different access levels too.

You could share TEO just once or for all time - i.e. your friend Jake just gets one time to unlock and use your bike, not all the time.

This is really cool for real estate agents who need multiple locks on multiple properties for multiple clients! The SupraKey lockbox works ok, but the TEO padlock seems like it could revolutionize that market. Just imagine - sending an unlock key to a couple who wants to check out real estate on the west side of town. The agent doesn't have to go there, and the couple can be sent a key that only unlocks the place one time.


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