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Tekno Blacklight UV Bubbles

Tekno Blacklight UV Bubbles

Simply put, Tekno Bubbles lets you blow bubbles that light up under a blacklight! Super groovy, entrancing and a cheap way to cheer people up and  add to a cool party.
More technically speaking, these blacklight bubbles take the invisible UV blacklight rays and with the compounds in the mixture the molecules can absorb those UV rays and emit visible light. It's pretty basic science really... just that standard thing where ultraviolet photons come into contact with molecules that are florescent, the light's energy makes some of those molecues vibrate more. When the light comes out through the bubble, it's energy (and wavelengths) has been reduced and therefore is now in the range of visible light that we humans can see!
Er yeah... 
They glow under a blacklight! Kickass!

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