Tech & Go Splash Rechargeable Portable Speaker

Tech & Go Splash Rechargeable Portable Speaker

A little rechargeable portable speaker for those on-the-go. 

Comes with a USB cable to charge it. Works with Android, iOS, Tables and pretty much any other tech.

Not that this does not work via bluetooth, it must be plugged in via USB to play audio. Still, what do you want for under $5 dollars? 

It's not a bad little music player, but it's not going to knock your socks off with volume. It might be good as a gift for an office gift exchange or something like that. And in fact it mght be sought after as a white elephant gift, as it seems really cool to look at. But in reality it may not function the way a pro use would want. 

Definitely look at spending a bit more if you want good, high quality sound - but for $5 bucks, this little speaker will do the trick.


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