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TeaBagger Tea Infuser

TeaBagger Tea Infuser

The tea infuser you'll have a ball with! Yes, we aren't afraid of really bad puns! 

The Teabagger Tea Infuser is so awesome, you may want a pair of them.

Looks vaguely like a pair of testicles, complete with flesh coloring and all. Or course it's not overly detailed with veins and hair, and that we're thankful for. It gets the point across, let's put it that way.

It actually works really well as a tea infuser! Despite the looks and implications, it'll steep your tea quite nicely without adding any extra flavor to it.

This is a fantastic little gag gift for work Christmas exchanges, family white elephant gift exchanges, bachelorette parties, stocking stuffers, or just a little random surprise! (Also great for Prison Break fans...)

Also it's a nice way of messing with someone... you could just strap it discretely underneath their bike seat of office chair.

If you're looking for a cheap gift for a tea drinker with a dirty mind, look no further! This teabagger will do the trick perfectly.

It's dishwasher safe and made from 100% food grade silicon. It has a stainless steel chain and a hook to hang it from. 

Whether this is true or not we don't know, but the manufacturers claim that it is modeled from Michaelangelo’s Statue of David. :p 


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