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TanSafe Waterproof Safe

TanSafe Waterproof Safe

Looks like regular suntan lotion but this waterproof container can hold all your valuables for a stay at the beach, or just toss it in your car and no one will bother to steal it!

What price can you put on your valuables? Your phone, money, keys, wallet... how long would it take to replace all of that? This safe shouldn't get a second look and is a really nice travel companion. You can even throw it in a purse.

Really nice to have a secure safe in plain sight. Most would be thieves wouldn't think you'd keep valuables out in the open. You can even take it on a plane, in your carry-on luggage!

Of course it won't fit some of the larger phones or tablets, but it'll handle quite a bit of stuff!

And the name lends itself to not being spotted either: "TanSafe", it sounds like a real brand of sunblock. Then again, TanSafe also gives away the fact that it might be a safe. We think the bottle looks great and won't be spotted as a safe.

The only thing is if you do take it to the beach you'll need to carry 2 different bottles of sunblock!

This is really one of the coolest "hidden in plain sight" safes we've come across!


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