SylvanSport Go Camper Trailer

SylvanSport Go Camper Trailer

This camper trailer is truly the Swiss Army Knife of camping-trailers. It sports a cool design, light weight and many configurations. It can haul stuff too!

We're not sure how the SylvanSport Go Camper Trailer slipped our notice until now. This thing is like the Apple the camping world: ingeniously designed at every step, lovingly crafted with an attention to detail that no one else in the industry can match.

It's a tent, but so much more than that. 

You can haul it behind even a smaller car as it only weight about 840lbs. It's also capable of carrying about 800lbs. You can stow some bikes, a dirt bike, surfboards, or just about anything else on it.

Then when you get to your destination, you unfold the whole thing and set up your campsite, with the tent already attached and ready to go.

And while it it a tent, it's not cheap material that's going to fall apart in a couple of seasons. It's high quality polyester, or "200D Rip-stop Polyester" as Sylvan calls it. The rest of the unit is either Exo-frame aluminum or Thermoformed ABS plastic. 

But no sense in letting the tech stuff distract or bore you because the main selling feature of this is the ease-of-use.

Sylvan claims that at every step of the way when setting up your tent, it helps you out. Hydrualics pop up and help you set up the tent quickly - and it really does seem like fun!

We haven't seen one in person, but this setup video does make it seem rather easy to setup a SylvanSport Go:

The Go camper has optional table and awning accessories that also look pretty cool. You can have a whole campsite that looks and feels like home away from home in around an hour.

The tent, made by Kelty, is plenty spacious enough for 4 people. It's very weather proof, has windows, walls, platforms for a bed, zipper doors, stairs, 4 air mattresses and a spare tire kit.

It's also made in the USA at SylvanSport's Brevard, North Carolina facility.

So it's compact, light-weight, extendable, carries a bunch of your stuff, and is easy to set up.

Now, the price is a bit hard to swallow at $8,495, but if you do lots of camping this could be a fantastic investment, as this thing is awesome!


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