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Subtle Butt: Disposable Fart Filters

Subtle Butt: Disposable Fart Filters

They may sound funny, but these fart pads really work - they use carbon to filter out the nasty smells. You can wear them without people noticing. If you're having a really bad day (like you ate Indian food and drank a six pack of Natty Light the night before) slap one of these bad boys on to filter out that nastiness.

The real name of these are "Disposable Gas Neutralizers", not fart filters. But we like fart filters a lot better, plus it's alliterative!

Now we're not ones to usually be humble about our farts or the smelliness thereof. No, in fact we aim to claim our stench, loudly and proudly! Hey, it's a natural thing and we shouldn't be all that embarassed about it.

However, there are times when it just won't do to be stinking up the joint. Consider a job interview, a first date, the first time meeting the in-laws, in a big meeting with a prospective client, or having lunch with your favorite celebrity (hey, it could happen). At these times, as outgoing and open as you might be, you might feel the need to cover up your foul stench.

If that's the case, Subtle Butt just might be your ticket to smellgoodville. No more Silent But Deadly, just plain silent. Of course, if it's noise you're worried about, the Subtle Butt won't help. But what we'd suggest in that case is to just bust out your phone with an app that calls you and time your fart accordingly.


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