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Steel Whisky Ice Balls

Steel Whisky Ice Balls

Freeze these metal balls and use them to chill your favorite liquor - without diluting it!  Keep your whiskey or scotch cold but not watery - brilliant.

How they work: 

Toss them in the freezer for a few hours - the company says 4 hours or so. Toss them in your favorite beverage, and take all the time you want to drink it. When done, simply rinse the balls and either return them to the included pouch or re-freeze them for next time.

Ice cubes can melt quickly and water down your drink. The accomplished and astute drinker will find that their drink starts to taste bad by the end of it, and nobody wants that.

While spherical ice cubes work well and are a step up from regular ice cubes (hint: they don't take as long to melt due to the smaller amount of surface area) they can still make your drink watered down.

Plus it can be a pain in the ass to make spherical (or other shaped) ice cubes. These whiskey balls are much simpler - no muss nor fuss.

We want a set.


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