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Star Wars Lightsaber Thumb Wrestling Arena

Star Wars Lightsaber Thumb Wrestling Arena

Do battle with lightsabers just like Jedi of old! Seven different Star Wars locations to fight in. Show your mastery of the force as well as thumb dexterity, hand strength and cunning.

It's a fun expansion of an old favorite: thumb wrestling! Of course, even for kids, thumb wrestling can get old quickly. This set of Star Wars lightsaber thumb wrestling arenas lets you velcro a lightsaber (red or blue) onto your hand. Pretend you're either a Jedi or a Sith and battle away! 

You velcro a lightsabre onto your thumb and start thumb wrestling. You can pick from seven different game board background to fight on - different places in the Star Wars universe. Add alcohol and instant fun, although we can't be held responsible for arguments that break out about who won or who cheated. :p

Rules? There are no rules in Jedi thumb wrestling. Live by the code of your side and either kill your opponent mercilessly or honorably let them live, hoping that they eventually choose the light side.

Honestly, even though it might get old quickly, for the price ($11.45) this is a nice little gift. It's a conversation piece and everyone is going to want to pick it up to play a quick game. Granted, once you've played it once or twice, you might be done with it, but it's still nice to have on a mantle or coffee table as something to pick up during a party from time to time.

Star Wars environments include Cloud City, Tattooine, Mustafar (that place Obi Wan fought Anakin), Naboo and more iconic scenes that span all six Star Wars movies.



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