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Star Trek: The Next Generation Uniform Hoodie

Star Trek: The Next Generation Uniform Hoodie

Aw yeah, Trek nerds, this is for us. For the price these hoodies are awesome because a lot of the other officially licensed Star Trek stuff is around the same price and doesn't have the flexibility/usefulness that a hoodie has.

We don't need to tell the hardcore Trekkie, but the colors represent various fields of work: Red is for command (ala Picard and Riker), blue is for sciences (think Dr. Beverly Crusher or Geordi LaForge), and gold is for operations (i.e. Data, Worf).

The only drawback: This ST:TNG hoodie does not come with pips on the collar or a communicator badge on the chest. Those are all sold separately.

This would be freakin awesome to introduce to a company and have as a standard uniform. :)

It has two standard hoodie type of pockets and the hood itself folds down to look like a regular TNG collar.


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