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Sport-Brella Sun & Shade Tent

Sport-Brella Sun & Shade Tent

This is cool, allow us to elucidate the reasons why.

It's a canopy that blocks out the wind, sun, dust and rain. Great for the beach, camping, soccer games, baseball games, or pretty much anywhere you want to just hang out and be outside but still be somewhat protected by the elements.

Super easy to carry around and simple to setup. If it's not very windy you only need a stake or two in the ground, not all of them. Putting it away is like folding up an umbrella (hence the name Sport-Brella). 

Comes with a nice plastic floor too so you don't have to bring along a picnic blanket or other similar. 

It even has SPF protection so that the younger kids and fair-skinned adults won't have to put on sunscreen or sunblock. The sunblock is built right in.

It sports a couple of mesh windows to let some breeze in.

It'll fit about 2 adults and the price is great too: under $60 shipped from Amazon.

This would do just nicely for those short-term events that don't require sleeping. We've used our a lot in the few weeks since purchasing. 

Now for the bad... there are these puches on the side, stabilization puches that are meant to keep the Sport-Brella from moving around in stronger winds. Well, they don't work so great. You'll have to put all the anchors down into the ground for best stability. Not a dealbreaker, but something to be aware of.

Also, you're not going to be able to use full-size chairs with this thing. They'll just be too tall to effectively allow the canopy to block the wind and sun. So your normal picnic foldable chairs - not gonna cut it with this...  you might want to get those shorter half chairs to use with this. 

That said, it's a lot easier than putting up a huge canopy, and those big canopies generally don't also block the wind.

Check out all the great reviews over at Amazon... over 2500 so far, so you know this think is selling like hotcakes and it's a good product!


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