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Spider Phone Flex-Grip Holder

Spider Phone Flex-Grip Holder

It's not just a phone case; it's so much more! The spider arms let you grip just about any small item, so this fits most phones. This is a super cool phone holder with many different uses.

Use it to hold your phone up in different ways, as a stand, as a book reader, etc. It can even prop up an iPad or similar tablet or larger iPhone plus.

It's just perfect for under $5 because of the MANY various things you can do with it. It's even great as a Halloween party favor!

It can be used as a simple phone holder, straight up portrait or sideways landscape. Attach it to your bike so you can have a map or movie up (just watch where you're going!). Hook it up in your car; attach it to an air vent, rearview mirror, back of a headrest, pretty much anywhere that the legs can grab onto.

Hook it up to a strap of your backpack, use it to hang your phone from somewhere, attach a phone to your wrist, use it to prop up a book, hold a can of pop or cup of coffee. Support your phone while running on a treadmill or elliptical.

I mean you can really think of a lot of fun and useful things you can do with these. They're great around the office to prop up action figures or hang things off of a computer.  Really really neat! 


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