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SOS Charger Self-Powered Phone Charger

SOS Charger Self-Powered Phone Charger

The SOS Charger is a self-powered mobile phone charger with a hand crank and built-in battery. Works with all modern smartphones including iPhone, Android and Blackberry.
This phone charger is ideal for, well anytime really. Toss one in a backpack, take it camping with you, use it in a bugout bag, or keep it in a pocket. 
It features a 1,500 mAh Lithium Polymer battery although we couldn't find out how long the charge lasts.
They say the hand crank, when cranked for 3-5 minutes, will give you 5-12 minutes of talk time. That doesn't seem like a whole lot, but talk time is the biggest battery leech, after all - if you're just listening to music or podcasts, it'll last much longer.
It comes with a micro USB cable and you can plug your existing USB cables right into it. You should be able to charge anything that charges via USB, including iPod and Kindle. 
For the price of $35 (the cheapest available backing price at time of writing) it seems like a worthy investment if you're looking for such a self-powered battery. 

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