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Sober Up Quickly Drink

Sober Up Quickly Drink

This 11 calorie drink claimes to detoxify the liver and add nourishing vitamins & minerals that quickly eliminate a hangover and restore your mental clarity.
It doesn't sound like it'll instantly sober you up and let you drive safely (really, we don't think anything will unless we can fine a way to remove alcohol from the bloodstream on the spot) but it could definitely boost your health and reduce the time you'll spend feeling like absolute garbage.
The makers of Sober Up claims it works in 20 minutes and that it has no preservatives or additives - it's a blend of all natural ingredients. Also, no caffiene. We don't know whether that's a good thing or a bad thing; when drinking and you need to feel better caffiene sure can help...
In any case, it's worth a shot. Each $30 box has 3 shots of the Sober Up drink to help you detox your liver over multiple nights. 

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