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Snow White And The Poison Apple iPad Decal

Snow White And The Poison Apple iPad Decal

An old classic now available for a perfect fit on your iPad! It features Snow White gazing longingly at the (poison?) apple.

Of course the tale is interwoven into our culture now, what with princesses all over the world looking for their Prince Charming.

This could be for Apple fans or for those who indeed think that it's a poison Apple, a business that's turning into an evil monopoly. (For the record, we don't think that's the case - Apple makes all sorts of cool stuff and does a lot of good for the world too, including giving to charity and bringing attention to lots of various causes.)

In any case, this is a really super cute decal that'll work on not only iPads, but also other tablets of various sizes. Of course, if it's a tablet not made by Apple you won't have the Apple logo there to make this sticker complete. It'll also work on laptops and car windows.


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