Snoopy Jaws Harp/Jews Harp

Snoopy Jaws Harp/Jews Harp

A cool jaws harp, like Snoopy plays in the old Peanuts TV show. Makes a really cool "boingy boingy" sound that you can easily learn.

To play it, you stick it in your mouth and pluck it with your finger. 

The Snoopy harp is actually a really old instrument, patterned after the original American Jaw Harp. It is also called a mouth harp, jaw harp, Ozark harp, gewgaw, Jews harp, or juice harp. It's unclear if the term "juice harp" was a misheard pronunciation of "Jews harp" or perhaps it has to do with the mouth juice that this instrument creates!

It classified as a lamellophone instrument, which means that it is a "plucked idiophone". 

Whatever is is and whatever the history, it's fun, sounds cool and is easy to pick up.


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