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Small Fidget Spinner Toy

Small Fidget Spinner Toy

Those spinner fidget toys seem to be all the rage, and now you can grab one for just $3 bucks! If you're buying them for your kids, you know how they can easily misplace small toys like this, so you can afford to buy a couple. Or throw one in your cart for yourself :p 

These might seem silly at first but there's something just so satisfying about them. It's just something to do and distracts your mind a little bit. 

And for kids on the autism spectrum or with ADD, these are great. Even our son who is not ADD (just very energetic) loves this. His teachers say he's allowed to have this as it helps distract his mind just enough so that he can focus on school. I know, it sounds incongruent that distracting him will help him focus. I think it's just that that part of his mind that's going 100 miles an hour is occupied a little bit, enough so that school doesn't seem that boring. He's always got something going on this way.

Anyway, who knows, but these spinner toys are pretty nifty and we want one for ourselves. The only problem is the price. With the popularity and demand of them, people have been jacking up their prices. (That whole dang supply & demand thing... *sigh*) But this is the cheapest fidget spinner we've seen - and we've looked high and low.

Beware though... the reviews on this fidget spinner are a bit mixed. Some say it's great, and that it spins for like 4 minutes, which is fantastic compared to other spinners that go only 2-3 minutes. However the shipping time is long as these come from China, and some people have experienced broken sinners a few hours after using them. But there's bound to be some clunkers in every batch and the company surely accepts returns if your item is defective.

All in all this sounds like a good, quality spinner product. Happy spinning!


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