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Slo-Bowl: Helps Your Dog Eat More Slowly

Slo-Bowl: Helps Your Dog Eat More Slowly

For dogs that eat too fast, this bowl makes them slow down. It can help reduce bloating, regurgitation and obesity by making them take more time to get food.

Many different designs and colors are available, so you can get a couple and switch it up. The makers of Slo-Bowl say that it promotes  more natural eating habits as it requires dogs to work a bit for their food, to forage for it. They have to "chase" their food through the maze of valleys and ridges to get it, which makes them feel like it's more of a reward.

Now, we can't say whether that's true or not, or if it's even a good thing - we'll leave that up for you to decide. But as people who have a huge yellow labrador that will scarf down her food in like .5 nanoseconds, this is a blessing!


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