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Sliced Beer Glasses

Sliced Beer Glasses

Beer glasses with an optical illusion: they look like they're sliced into different sections! Might make you think you're drunker than you really are.

These are the perfect addition to any home bar. They're really slick and you have to see them to really get the quality of them.

I mean, it's pretty simple, it's a beer glass that holds 450ml of your favorite suds. Why do you need something more expensive than normal to drink your beer out of?

Well, life is short and who wants to do it blandly? We all crave a little excitement, a little fun - and these are slick! It's one of those things that people are going to remember you for.

You'll be the interesting, cool guy with the sliced beer glasses who had that awesome craft homebrew! People will speak about you for eons and write epic stories about it. Your name will be legend and people will make toasts in your honor.

Well, er... that's possible, but more likely you'll just have a good time drinking beer out of these glasses for many years to come ;)


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