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Skull Face Buff

Skull Face Buff

An awesome skull face buff, made of comfortable, expandable fabric. Pretend like you're playing Call of Duty: Ghosts.

Also great for so many various uses, especially at the price of $1! It'll keep your mouth and neck covered and clean and ears warm. (Honestly maybe a little TOO warm, but that's the one complaint we have.)

Pretty cool for hunting or fishing in the cold weather, doing outside work when it's freezing or there's stuff blowing around you. Great for use when insulating an attic or something so you don't breath in those fiberglass particles - that's no fun.

It's a rad buff, yo. (Yeah we just said that.)  

Great for riding your motorized bike up and down the highway. (Which way is up and which way is down?)


Categories: Gaming, Outdoor, Wearable