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Silic: The Shirt That Cleans Itself!

Silic: The Shirt That Cleans Itself!

Water, soda, ketchup, it all just rolls right off of this shirt, thanks to it's "Hydrophobic Nanotechnology"! Fully machine and hand washable, although you won't need to wash it very often.

The fabric is layered with many particles of silica. This achieves stain repellancy and a "super-hydrophobic" plain. That is, the shirt is afraid of water! :-p Or actually it means that any water that comes in contact with the shirt forms a 150? sphere and rolls right off the shirt.

Because water cannot stay in contact with the shirt it is by nature anti-microbial.

It was designed by someone from Vera Wang, so it's stylish as well as high tech. 

It's also PFA and PFOS free, which means it's safe to use. Other products that use similar nanotechnology can be hazardous to humans, but the Silic shirt is safe.


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