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Side View Mirror Smiley Face Decal

Side View Mirror Smiley Face Decal

Absolutely adorable and amazingly amicable. Ok, that was our bad attempt at alliteration, but it's true. This decal is cute as heck-fire!

My wife loves this. I applied this to her Honda Accord and surprised her with it. I had my fingers crossed that she wouldn't hate it .... I showed it to her with bated breath and after a few seemingly super long heartbeats she smiled and clapped her hands, then gave me a big hug and kiss on the cheek.

She went inside and grabbed a couple of her friends that had stopped over and showed them. They also approved and one of them shortly after ordered her own smiley face sticker for her Jeep Wrangler.

So, yeah. If you want to make your wife/girlfriend's life just a tiny bit brighter, grab one of these! The womenfolk seem to like them.

Personally, I also take every opportunity to to personify my stuff. I put little googly eyes on inanimate object around the house. It's cool to add faces and smiles to things! I think it makes life just a little bit more interesting.

We highly recommend this to all anyone who wants to add some life to their rides!


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