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Shot Glass Ice Cube Molds

Shot Glass Ice Cube Molds

Make 4 shot glasses out of ice! Mmmm, super cold shots from glasses that will melt before you can be incriminated for your drunken antics. 
Sure, you could make desserts like Jello out of them or use them as a chocolate mold, but who would want to use them for something so mundane? 
No, you need to create some awesome memories with friends, or make totally new ones while blitzed out of your mind - and these ice cube shot glasses fit the bill.
No worries about breaking or losing shot glasses from your collection and no dishes to do after your night of partying. 
It only takes about an hour or so to make the shot glasses, so you *could* get two sets and keep alternating them, always having a set "cooking" in the freezer. 

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