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Shopping Cart EasyBags

Shopping Cart EasyBags

There are a lot of products we showcase where you see the picture you just get it - this is one of those products. Simply cool and brilliant!

A shopping bag that fits in your cart - it unfolds and attaches to the side of the cart for easy packing, organizing and then picking up and taking off!

As we progress to a society that more often uses reusable shopping bags, these bags by Reisenthel are fan-freaking-tastic! 

For one thing, there's a zippered pocket that can hold a wallet. There's also velcro on the top that you can push together to hold everything in. When you're done, the whole bag collapses smartly into a little pouch.

We've got to reiterate... simply brilliant design by Reisenthel here.

Great for those who shop at places like the ever-more-popular Aldi Foods where they don't give you bags. We've shopped a ton at Aldi, and always bring our own boxes and bags. But you're left to transfer things and stack them up once the cashier rings you out.

With these, you can just shop and place everything in the bags. During checkout, the cashier can place everything in the bags for you. Once you pay, bring the cart to the cart corral thingy, lift up your bags, lock the cart up and you're off!

At just about $20 bucks, yes, they sound a little expensive. But they're made of durable material that should last a long time.

One caveat however - it appears this is a product made for the U.K. market. One reviewer stated that the bags aren't wide enough for the larger U.S. shopping carts. Yet another reviewer claimed they worked fine. We're going to keep our eyes out for more info or a different product, but until then, let us know if you discover any more info on this.

If these shopping bags *are* indeed wide enough for the larger U.S. shopping carts, then we are hands down buying a couple and will be heartily recommending them!