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Shambooze - Cruise Ship Booze Smuggler

Shambooze - Cruise Ship Booze Smuggler

If you want to smuggle some booze onto your cruise, then this might be the best thing to buy. It looks like a real shampoo bottle and comes with leak proof seals! Save tons on your cruise bar tab!

You get 2 fillable 17.8 ounce shampoo bottles. It has flip top lids and a real-looking "shampoo" design. 

The bottles look to be real. Even if cruise ship inspectors see this, they probably won't flag it for further inspection. The bottles have shampooing instructions and a list of ingredients that looks to be legit. 

Other booze smuggling products have "fake" names plastered all over them like "Smugglemug" or "Boozecruise", which are obvious giveaways. This Shambooze is not like that at all. For instance, some of the bottles have the fake brand name of "Lavender Fields".

Now here's the really cool thing... smart cruise lines are catching up to the different methods of smuggling alcohol. Shambooze switches up the fake brand name every so often to keep the cruise ships guessing. Will they eventually catch on? Maybe... but they can't stop people from brining on board some shampoo

We imagine this could be good for other places that you want to smuggle booze into as well. Or if you simply want to conceal your booze and keep them hidden in plain sight, like at a college dorm room. Or if you're a raging alcoholic and want to keep the stuff hidden from your wife or husband. (Ok, that's bad. If you're raging that hard on the booze, seek help!)

But in any case, these things are fan-freakin-tastic for smuggling booze on board a cruise ship. We can't think of a better product. Way cool. And the reviews on Amazon are great. You'll save big money on your cruise and be happily buzzed throughout your trip!


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